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In JurassAttack!, two players face-off in an epic head-to-head dinosaur battle!

In this quick card game, each player chooses a dinosaur or pack of dinosaurs from their hand, then reveals them simultaneously to compare Ferocity values to see who has the highest. Each of these prehistoric pugilists have their own special abilitiescombo possibilities and varying score values to add to the tide of battle! After resolving the special abilities of each dino, the winner adds their rival's dinosaurs to their score pile while the loser gets to draw new cards. A well-placed bluff or an intentional loss may provide an edge to victory in this game of subtle strategy and prehistoric pounding!

Some dinos hunt alone while others may pack (be played in sets) with dinos of different types. Some dinos have acid spit that blinds the other player for a turn while others take a swing on the way to their opponent's score pile. And sometimes, players may be able to sneak some of their precious eggs into their own score pile to protect the future generation.