Green Couch Games kicks-off Summer with a sweet new treat; Rocky Road a la Mode!


Get in the driver seat and feel what it’s like to live the life of a sweet treat trucker! Stock up your truck, attract customers, and serve a hefty scoop of tasty frozen delight! The best truckers get to know their customers’ favorite selections so they can always meet demand and gain an edge over the competition in the battle to claim the hottest locations. You’ll see the business of icy entrepreneurship is no day at the beach. Buckle up, turn on the loudspeaker, and take to the rocky road...with ice cream!

Rocky Road a la Mode is a game of managing time and resources to meet the demands of sweet-treat-seekers! The game features multi-use cards and a time track that determines the players’ turn order. The player whose ice cream truck is furthest back on the road goes next and may choose from several actions on their turn; stocking up on new treats, playing music over the loudspeaker to attract business, or passing out treats to fulfill customer desires. Every choice costs time and will force players to move ahead on the road track. Once a player is no longer in the rear of the pack, their turn ends until they find themselves lagging behind again. In addition to gaining loyalty points from happy customers, players can gain bonus treats in their permanent supply so they can meet demand a little easier. Throughout the game, players will also be fighting to earn the right to take over several of the different territories that make Summer great; the beach, the pool, the park, and the ball field. Rocky Road a la Mode is a full-fat filler with meaningful decisions and an approachable theme that will grab casual players and gamers alike.

The game is made up of 4 wooden discs and 54 cards including locations, a road track, and treat cards. Illustration and graphic design is being provided by the talented Adam P. McIver for his design studio THE CRE8TIVE DEPT. that provides high quality art services specifically for the tabletop game industry.

Rocky Road a la Mode is a game for 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up and is designed by first time designer, Joshua J Mills of the Board Game Designers of North Carolina. The game plays in 20-30 minutes.

The game is set for a Kickstarter campaign launching on the first day of Summer, June 20, 2016 with plans for a Q4 2016 release. With the help of Kickstarter stretch goals, plans are in place to make this Green Couch Games’ first ever board game by upgrading to a folding board and custom ice cream truck meeples.





Webstore Updated!

It's about time we got our store updated! Now you can buy all of our current titles and preorder Avalanche at Yeti Mountain right here!

You also might notice that we only have a limited number of Best Treehouse Ever copies available. People are really connecting with this little game and the first printing is nearly sold out! Get it while you'll take a little time to get a reprint in the works. 


Things are heating up for Green Couch Games!

Show off your spatula skills and prove that you have what it takes to become the master of stir-fry! You must win the hearts of your customers by creating the best dishes possible before the ingredients run out. Sound too spicy? You’d better get used to the heat because it’s time to Wok on Fire!


Wok on Fire is a silly mix dexterity and set collection. In the course of the game players use a spatula card to flip ingredients in a central pile (the Wok), choose ingredients to create a variety of combinations, and “chop” more ingredients into the wok. The game ends when the ingredient deck runs out and the player who created the most valuable combinations win the game! The game plays in about 20 minutes and provides an experience that engages families and gamers. For those looking for a quirky filler that is easy-to-learn and requires clever spatula-use without making a mess in the kitchen, look no further!


The game is made up of 58 cards including 4 smiling spatulas, 4 reference cards, and 50 ingredients that are far too cute to eat. The illustrations were provided by the designer, Poki Chen with graphic design by the talented Adam P. McIver for his design studio THE CRE8TIVE DEPT.


Wok on Fire is a game for 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up and is designed by Poki Chen of the Taiwan Board Game Design Group. Chen self-published a short run of the game for the 2015 Tokyo Game Market and Green Couch Games is proud to have obtained the English language rights for the game.


Publisher, Jason Kotarski said “I first had the chance to play this game when Eric Martin from Board Game News was showing off some of the spoils from his trip to Japan at Origins this year. As soon as the game hit the table, I fell in love and knew it would be the perfect fit for Green Couch Games. It’s portable, it’s clever, it has a super fun theme and really cute artwork. I’m stoked to be able to bring the game to a wider audience.” The game is set for a  Kickstarter campaign in early 2016 with a Q2 2016 release.

2 New Gargantuan Games in Small Packages!


(Flint, Michigan) - Green Couch Games is proud to announce a GARGANTUAN Summer 2015 Line-Up with JurassAttack! by Ryan Cowler and Avalanche at Yeti Mountain by Matt Wolfe.


In JurassAttack! from first time designer and independent pro-wrestler, Ryan Cowler, 2 players face off in an epic face-to-face dinosaur battle! In the game, each player chooses a dinosaur, or pack of dinosaurs of the same type from their hand and reveals them simultaneously to compare Ferocity values. The player with the highest total Ferocity wins the round, taking their rival’s dinosaurs into their score pile. Different types of dinosaurs are worth varying amounts of victory points so it’s important to plan well and make sure not to give away too many points in the event of a knock out! These fierce, prehistoric beasts each have their own special effects as well. Some hunt alone while others may pack with dinos of different types. And sometimes, with a well placed bluff, players may even be able to sneak some of their precious eggs into their own score pile to protect the future generation.

JurassAttack! is made up of 54 oversized cards and comes in a sturdy, portable box. Each game lasts about 15 minutes and plays with 2 players, ages 8 and up. Artwork by newcomer, Shaz Yong, will transport players back to a land where giants ruled the earth and only the strong survived! This Summer blockbuster, great for gamers and families looking for some quick dino-battle-action, is headed for Kickstarter in July of 2015.


Avalanche at Yeti Mountain
Next up is Avalanche at Yeti Mountain; the second game from designer, Matt Wolfe (Wombat Rescue from Eagle-Gryphon Games).  It’s a race to the finish when some super-smart, yet somehow clueless, engineering students invent rocket-powered skis and decide to test them out at Yeti Mountain! In Avalanche at Yeti Mountain, players play dual-use cards (the same cards used to make up the ski slopes of Yeti Mountain) to determine their speed in a race down the mountain. If players collectively exceed the speed limit, which is determined by the number of players, the fastest players crash, only moving one space forward towards the goal. Players may also activate rocket jumps to overshoot the competition but at the expense of causing an avalanche to begin chasing them down the mountain. If that’s not enough tension, rocket jumps are only possible if the Yeti, awoken from his slumber by all of the rocket-powered racket, doesn’t attack and deactivate players’ rocket-powered skis! The last skier standing, or the skier who makes it to the bottom of Yeti Mountain wins the game.

Avalanche at Yeti Mountain is for 2-5 players and will include 72 cards, 5 skier pawns, a Yeti, and an avalanche. Adam McIver of The CR8TIVE DEPT. (Best Treehouse Ever) is handling art and design. This avalanche will hit Kickstarter in August/September of 2015 with plans for delivery set for this Winter.

Green Couch Games
Green Couch Games is a new company founded by Jason Kotarski to release great little games that make great big connections. Building on the success of their first two releases, Fidelitas (Jason Kotarski and Philip duBarry) and Best Treehouse Ever (Scott Almes), Green Couch Games will continue to expand their line of portable and approachable games in small packages.  

Green Couch Games at Origins Game Fair!

That's right! Green Couch Games will be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio from June 3 through the 7th. 

During the day, you can find Jason demoing/selling copies of Fidelitas at the Dice Hate Me Games booth (#703) in the big exhibit hall! Be sure to swing by, say hello, and check out the offering from Dice Hate Me/Greater Than Games as well!

In the evening, look for the Blue Noodle in Hall E (the gaming hall), where Jason will be hanging out in the unofficial UNPUB area playing games. He's always up to demo Best Treehouse Ever and Fidelitas and get some testing in for future Green Couch Games titles.

We also have a few ticketed events for Fidelitas that are being run by our friends, Grand Gaming Academy! Here's the details for those:

3214 Fidelitas $2.006/04/15 04:00 PM

3215 Fidelitas $2.00 6/05/15 04:00 PM

3216 Fidelitas $2.00 6/06/15 08:00 AM

Please come check out some great little games!