Green Couch Games needs help rounding up some shady characters from the wild west with their upcoming release; OutLawed!

Overwhelmed by the stress of the hooligan hootenanny that’s overrunning the bustling town of Bandit Bluff, the resident deputy has up and left his post! Sheriff Croc Holliday is shuffling and hustling to find his next deputy. Looking to fill the vacancy, Croc has decided to put a pool of new recruits to work helping clean up some of Bandit Bluff’s most wanted outlaws and will choose the most dedicated to be the new deputy! A little lying, some stealthy scheming, and the sense to know a good time to tell the truth might just help give a leg up over the rest of the herd. Who will out-law the other applicants to become the new deputy?

OutLawed! is a social game of bluffing, truth-telling, and out-thinking your opponents. Each player has an identical set of 11 outlaw cards imagined as animals escaped from the zoo somewhere in the wild, wild west. Over a series of rounds, players take turns playing a card face down and making a claim about which character card they played. Players are free to tell the truth about the character played or to make a bold faced lie! After players have played cards and made their claims, all the characters are revealed and each player assesses whether or not they have met their Outlaw’s “apprehend if” condition. Players who were successful add their Outlaws to their jail pile while all other players place the card back in their hand. Lionel Manesworth can only be captured if you tell the truth. The Vixen Twins get nabbed when others are convinced to play the same card during the round. Lawman Croc Holliday will catch anybody who isn’t on the up and up. Once a player fills up their jail, everyone compares their total reward value of apprehended cards to see who has has earned the most rewards and gets to fill the vacant position as deputy of Bandit Bluff.

The game is made up 54 cards including 4 sets of 11 outlaws cards, reference cards, and a start player Deputy Badge. Illustration was provided by Shaz Yong who also contributed to JurassAttack!, Super P.L.E.X., and Star Wars young adult novels. Graphic Design is being provided by Ryan Cowler and Andy Jewett.

OutLawed! is a game for 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up and is designed by Ryan Cowler whose credits include JurassAttack! (Green Couch Games), Super P.L.E.X. (Button Shy Games) and development assistance on Perplext’s Pack O Games(™) series by Chris Handy. Ryan is also a professional wrestler in Oakland, California

The game is set for a Kickstarter campaign launching on September 14th, 2016 with plans for a Q1 2017 release.